emdash or em dash (ĕm′dăsh′) n.

A symbol ( — ) used in writing and printing to indicate a break in thought or sentence structure, to introduce a phrase added for emphasis, definition, or explanation, or to separate two clauses. [From its being the width of an m in printing.] (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

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My name is Maud. I’ve been a lover of all things language since the early ’90s, a graduated linguist since early 2013, and a freelance language-services provider since early 2015. After years of studying and teaching in and about the English language, I decided to take Emdash full time. I now provide language services for a wide range of clients, including various universities in the Netherlands and companies in industries ranging from marketing to the medical field.


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Language-services provider (Dutch/English)

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Lecturer in Language Acquisition

Programs: bachelor’s in English Language and Culture, Language Acquisition department; minor in Translation; master’s in Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)

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Master of Arts in Linguistics, cum laude

Main track: Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)
Specializations: Legal Translation; Literary Translation; Multimodal Translation

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Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude

Majors: English Linguistics; Literary Studies; Theater & Media Studies
Minor: Rhetoric & Argumentation (including courses in Stylistics, Journalism and Creative Writing)